Lianne Kaye Glow Remix

Lianne Kaye - Glow REMIX

I'm thrilled to announce my latest project: my entry for the Lianne Kaye Glow Remix/Production Contest - a unique remix of 'Glow' by the phenomenal Lianne Kaye.

Listen to my remix here:

A Breakdown of the Lianne Kaye Glow Remix

Lianne's emotive lyrics and unique melodic sense inspired me to completely re-arrange this incredible song. The message of self-empowerment and standing up for oneself deeply resonated with me, leading me to create a more celebratory version, especially in the chorus. This remix is a reflection of my interpretation of the song's powerful message.

In my remix, I've changed Lianne's original chord progression to the following.

I've crafted a distinct drum groove that starts half-time and transitions into an engaging 4 on-the-floor groove during the guitar solo. Influenced by Lianne's similar style to artists like Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, and Carrie Underwood, I've infused pop, rock, and country elements into my remix.

Lianne Kaye Glow Remix: Logic Pro X Screenshot

The Lianne Kaye Glow Contest Prizes

The prizes for this competition are impressive, including being featured in Lianne Kaye's upcoming single release, various audio equipment, and plugins. It's an exciting opportunity for all participants.

Thanks to Lianne Kaye and Produce like a Pro

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Produce Like A Pro and Warren Huart, and to Lianne Kaye for this incredible opportunity. As an up-and-coming music producer, being able to remix such a great track has been an enriching and exciting experience. I'm thrilled to be part of this creative endeavor.

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