The Perfect 40th Birthday Gift

Today is my 40th birthday. Hurray!

I decided not to throw a party this time, and instead do what I love the most: Go alpine skiing. So, a couple of days before my birthday, I packed my bags and headed up into the mountains, to a place called Hemsedal. Long story short; I had a blast! Got two full days of perfect skiing conditions and warm (spring) weather. And yes - a little bit of sunshine too :)

However, a great surprise was waiting for me when I got back to town! My mom had found a b/w picture of me skiing as a kid among my late Grandfathers belongings. The picture was a small newspaper-clipping from 1981 that he had stuck inside a book about local sports activities. It accidentally fell out of the book again while my mom were going through his old stuff the other day. Funny thing, we never even knew the picture existed. Moreover, although I competed in slalom for at least 10 years - I haven't got one single picture from that time.

Having found the picture among my Grandfathers things, my mom and dad immediately contacted the local newspaper, and low and behold, they actually managed to find the original. And so they had it framed, and sent for my birthday. Next after the book "Ego", by Erik Håker, this is the best birthday gift I've ever received.

Thanks mom and dad, and a very special thanks to my late Grandfather, Herman Wika!


Øystein Wika, giant-slalom competition in 1981

Øystein Wika on his 40th birthday