1993-08-02 10:46:26
Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to my page on the World Wide Web!

My name is Oz Wika (birthname: Øystein Wika). I'm currently enrolled as a student at the Department of Music at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, where I attend studies in Musicology and Music Technology.


I grew up in a small town called Mosjøen, located in the northern parts of Norway. As the son of music teachers, my parents sent me to piano lessons at age 6. Then, when I was 9 - I saw Elvis Presley perform Trouble/Guitar Man from his 1968 Comback Special on TV, and I quickly decided I wanted to play the guitar instead. I got a sheet music book called The Elvis Presley Complete 100, and learned quite a few Elvis songs that I performed when touring the family birthdays and celebrations at the time. Here's a cassette recording I did in 1978 (at age 10) of the song Good Rockin Tonight.

During my High School years I played in a few local rock bands, and we even played live a few times. In 1987, I left Mosjøen and moved to Trondheim to study music at the University and to try to establish myself as a musician.

Oz Wika (Trondheim, 1993)

Writing and Recording Music

Since moving to Trondheim, I've been focusing on writing instrumental music for the guitar. My goal is to self-release some of my music on vinyl/CD, and if possible - find a way to distribute it. Maybe this internet thing can be a way for independent artists to self-distribute in the not so far future.

Anyway, I've been writing both vocal songs and instrumental guitar music since 1985, and recorded some demos on my Tascam 4-track PORTASTUDIO. Her is a recording of Pagan Shuffle, recorded back in 1987/88.

For sequencing, I've been using an Atari 1040ST with Notator and Cubase, hooked up to a Roland D-20 for keyboards and drums. The Music Department at my University is currently building a new 24-track recording studio at the Dragvoll facilities, which I hope students will be allowed to use as soon as it opens. My plan is to record some of my instrumental music with live musicians at the new Dragvoll studio, and release it on both vinyl and CD.

Teaching Guitar

For about five years now, I've been paying rent by giving private guitar lessons. These days I have around 20 guitar students a week. In addition to private lessons, I work part time as a guitar teacher at Mosjøen videregående skole (Musikklinja) where I currently have 11 guitar students on a monthly basis.