Early High School Bands

1982-1984: First Rock Bands

At 13, Øystein started his first band. The band played songs from Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Van Halen. They never played live, but rehearsed regularly one day a week for almost three years. The band didn't have a singer, so they played a lot of intros, solo parts, and then straight on to the ending of the songs. Band members: Øystein Wika (guitar), Finn Guttormsen (bass), Tore Straum (drums, 1982-1983), Rune Andersen (drums, 1983-1984)

1985-1986: Nautilus

Nautilus in 1986

Nautilus was the first "real" band Øystein played in, and the first band to actually perform in front of a live audience. Read more »

1986-1987: Mean Street

Mean Street in 1987

Øystein's last local band before leaving his home town. Read more »